The websides of various language schools are full of the same advertising buzzwords: individual approach to the student, educated teachers, interesting classes etc. Today we present specific evidence to show that we care about our students more than other schools.

  1. If you sign up for a group curse and miss a class, the materials from that class will be send to you by email. The teacher will explain what was done in your absence, which will allow you to keep track of the material and not feel confused during the next class.
  2. We are the right choice for students who are learning material that isn’t part of the course. If there is something you’re studying on your own and find hard to understand, we are there to help. We always answer your emails and explain various issues. It is a pleasure for us since we love our language! It fills us with joy when you wish to deepen your knowledge of the Polish language beyond the confines of the course. Curiosity is good!
  3. We build relations. We see you not only as a client of our school but also a person who trusted us. We will help you in different situations, not only those connected to learning Polish!
  4. If you choose a skype course, you will be able to send your homework to the teacher by email. The homework will be checked and sent back to you before the lesson, which means you will be able to save time and money.
  5. We organize contests with interesting awards.
  6. During the last lesson you will be able to taste our homemade baking :)