You started learning Polish language because:

  1. you need to communicate on daily basis, at work, at college,
  2. your partner is Polish,
  3. your parents/grandparents are Polish
  4. you like to learn foreign languages and Polish is one of them


But these are not the greatest motivators for learning a Polish language. The most important thing that must happen for you to want to learn the language every day is your self-agency. You have to see, in your private or work life, that your knowledge of the language actually changes something - you said something in Polish and you changed your surrounding reality, something's changed. You said in Polish: 'coffee please', I'd like to book a table' in a restaurant, 'I'd like to order a taxi' and other people helped you. You changed your reality and you did this in Polish. Congratulations! Your self-agency is the best motivator for learning a Polish language.