My students whose Polish level is at least A2 can order a taxi, do the shopping and communicate in everyday situations. Yet, they still cannot read Polish prose fiction. During a lesson a student asked me if next time we can read a longer text (longer than standard texts found in coursebooks) so that she can see how much she already knows. I answered “We can” and I started to write. For the next lesson I brought a text about Ola, the student. It was less than one A4 page long. In the next months I developed this idea, adding 30 new pages. Thus, my book was born:)

Ola tells the story of a math student from Warsaw who one day meets Darek. Unfortunately, Ola's father doesn't accept him. Trouble ensues...

The book is based on past tenses, uncomplicated sentences and easy vocabulary. To sum up, the book doesn't contain anything that would make it difficult for foreigners who know A2 level Polish.

The book does not have:

- conditional mood

- imperative mood

- future simple

- complex syntax

- metaphors, idioms etc.

To make reading easier, the end of the book contains a list of verbs along with their English translation. It will help to prevent a situation, when the reader has to put the book down every few sentences to look something up in the dictionary. The list of verbs and their translation will come with the book, allowing the readers to discover their meaning as they go along, without taking a break.


P.S. Marina, thank you! :)

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