There are people who don't make them at all, and there are those who make them every year. New Year's resolutions most often involve healthy eating, exercise and travel. However, to celebrate success at the end of the year, you need to break down big plans into small steps. Make your resolution as specific as possible. Don't write: I will play sports. Write: I will go to the gym twice a week. Don't write: I will lose weight. Write: I will eat sweets only on weekends or only when I am a guest.

Why am I writing about this? Because learning Polish can also be a great resolution, as long as you don't write too generally: I will learn Polish. Break down your goal into small but concrete steps. Buy your first textbook and see how many chapters it has. 10? Then do one chapter a month. The textbook is all in Polish and you don't understand the instructions? Download the Google Lens app on your phone, which will translate them for you. Find audio recordings for your textbook on the Internet and upload them to your phone. And listen to them on your way to work. Every day. Repeat after the voiceover. There's no way you won't remember a sentence you hear 10 times a day. Download the Duolingo app for yourself, do one lesson every day. The most important thing is to be systematic. To feel more confident, you can also sign up for a course. This can be one lesson a week plus homework. Remember, however, that the lecturer will only be your companion, a coach (like a trainer at the gym), but he will not learn for you. It's up to you to sweat it out. Learning a language is a process, but the effort will definitely pay off.