You signed up for the course to learn our beautiful but not the easiest language. You are happy because you have a nice lecturer, lessons are interesting, you can see that you're making progress - with every lesson you speak better and understand more. Great! But....that's not enough. Learning a language does not only mean spending your time at a language school with your course book open. You also learn when you talk and think in a given language, and you don't have to sit behind your desk to do it. What should you do then?

You learn Polish language when you:

  1. use Polish when you do your shopping
  2. buy a ticket at a kiosk
  3. ask somebody the way
  4. talk to your Polish friends, colleagues
  5. you're thinking about what you were learning during your lesson
  6. revise vocabulary from the last lesson on an Internet platform that your lecturer invited you to
  7. write emails and SMS'es in Polish
  8. read Polish newspapers and watch Polish films
  9. listen to Polish music and  Polish people

All this is also a way of learning a language and your lecturer should encourage you to do all this. Your teacher should engraft it in you, so that after each lesson you will feel that you want to learn more yourself. Because the course itself is not enough to learn a language, to learn a language you have to immerse yourself in it. It has to become part of your life - it must be everywhere. How do you check if you're ready for it? For starters try changing your phone's language to Polish. How's that? :)