I started using AI... accidentally. One day I wanted to prepare a graphic in Canva for Gadano's Facebook profile. I had three choices: make the graphic myself (choose the background, elements, color, patterns offered by Canva), choose a template already prepared by Canva or.... ask the artificial intelligence for help. In the search engine, all I had to do was type in what I needed. I typed: snowflake and snowflakes (several options) prepared by artificial intelligence appeared.

I also wanted to prepare a new quiz for students in the Kahoot app. And here, too, the question arose whether I wanted the artificial intelligence to prepare the course for me (with the caveat that the course may contain errors). I declined, and prepared the quiz myself. However, intrigued by its willingness to help, I asked on the GPT chat for exercises on the descriptive and then on the complement. And while the descriptive exercises were interesting (e.g., Ask the students to create 5 sentences in which they will use the verbose verb. You can give them the subject matter to more closely match their interests or daily life), while exercises like: transform the sentence, fill in the gaps contained errors (e.g. Ona telefonuje tacie) and unclear instructions, e.g. Ask the students to fill in the missing words of the verb tense in the sentences (the following sentence was given: Ona dała prezent swojemu bratu). We can see that it is not clear what we are supposed to complete, as there are no gaps in this sentence.

I asked GPT chat to fix the errors, but it was unable to do so. I quickly realized that GPT chat does not distinguish between Polish cases and my helpful questions were of little use.

I point out that I was using the free, non-extended version.

I think we will have to wait for the artificial intelligence to learn Polish better. However, I have no doubt that it will happen soon and AI will be an invaluable help to every teacher and student. AI will never be a teacher, but it will become a tool whose existence no one can ignore anymore.